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If you think a chair is just a chair then think again. Every Herman Miller chair incorporates cutting edge designs with ergonomic excellence.  Not only do these office chairs look state of the art. They will help to ensure a healthy body and mind, allowing you to get on with your work without the need to think about aches or pains.

Ergonomics is all about optimum comfort, ensuring a chair fits to the body perfectly, especially while working for hours at an office desk. The backrest suspension system of the Herman Miller Aeron Chair is adaptable for all shapes and gives the body support whilst working. It provides perfect support just where it’s needed, at the base of the spine. 

A Herman Miller chair not only performs beautifully but looks good in any working environment from a home office to a high tech workplace.  It is also 94% recyclable, making this a healthy chair for the environment and the user.

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